I love what I do and continue to be educated in the visual design field.
Training, attending workshops & seminars taught by leading decorating and design authorities
and talented individuals such as
Christopher Lowell (Author, Design Guru & Television Host)
Mary-Carol Garity (Destination Shopping Expert & Author), Jane Seymour (Artist, Actor, &
Author "Making Yourself At Home"),
Katheryn M. Ireland (Textile Designer & Author), W.
, and Suzanne Morrisey ("Kid's Rooms" Magazine Editor), and now includes the
Colin Cowie (Author & Event Designer to Celebrities.) help my creativity to be
fresh and current.

By educating my clients while on projects and teaching them how to use layers, lighting, & color
placement to create their own "live your style" design.

With an eye for restoration and multiple styles, several of my projects have been featured in
local publications and numerous client testimonials advocate my
uberpassion for
JDM (jaw dropping moments!)

"Trish's mix of practical advice and infectious enthusiasm has made her one of the area's most
                            recognized and trusted authorities in the visual design field.
                                         We are honored to have her work on our project!"
                                                                          ~M.P. Ford   Charlotte, NC

                    "You used what I already had in ways I would have never thought!
                                           I am hard to please and I
LOVE what you've done!"
                                                                          ~Dianne Bateman  Clover, SC
Christopher Lowell & Trish Anne
Training with Colin was an
amazing opportunity!
I encourage everyone to read
Colin's latest book...
Colin Cowie Chic"
Just one of Colin's Eight books!
Jane Seymour  
& Trish Anne
Here's to living your life as it should be!
    XOXO ~Trish