Sound immersion helps balance and calm our minds, relieve tensions,
stress, alleviate physical & emotional pain!

Sound bathing stimulates alpha brain waves, which promote feelings of
relaxation, creativity, decreasing depression & opening the body’s
natural healing abilities resonating at a cellular level!

Utilizing an array of quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs, bells, chimes,
rattles & various other musical instruments!

Quartz Crystal has an excellent ability to amplify, focus & transfer energy.

These sound waves are equivalent to the alpha waves produced by the
brain, which are associated with states of creativity, relaxation,
decreased depression & self-healing.
Crystal quartz sound bathing integrates the balance of our own
electromagnetic energies and tunes all of the chakras.
Creating sound immersion through gongs, singing bowls, rain sticks
and chimes, to name a few, goes beyond just relaxation.  The healing
benefits can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, recalibrate the
immune system and allow for an overall mind and body reset…

Mother Earth rings like a bell, with shock waves passing through her
Using 432Hz crystal singing bowls we connect with the vibrations of the

Chimes, bells, rattles, drums & our continuously growing collection of
instruments help us to enhance our sound immersions and create a
safe healing space filled with love for you!

Sound Bathing events also held in our cool 1900s building
225 Main Street Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715

We travel all over hosting public & private sound bathing events that
include wellness events, workshops, corporate training, sports camps,
hospice,retirement communities, nursing homes, schools, studios,
spas, historical events, retreats, fairs & festivals!