Handcrafted herbal teas, coffees & mushroom blends that provide nutrients, regenerative
minerals & celebrates our power to heal!
Our blends are delicious & our beloved concoctions have been perfected over 25 years!

Herbal medicine has its roots in every culture around the world.
There are many different systems of traditional medicine, and the philosophy and
practices of each are influenced by social conditions, environment and geographic
location, but these systems all agree on a holistic approach to life.
Well-known systems of herbal medicine like traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic
medicine believe in the central idea that there should be an emphasis on health rather than
on disease.

Natural plant products have been used throughout human history for various purposes.
In fact, written records of the use of herbal medicine date back more than 5,000 years.
For much of history, herbal medicine was the only medicine.

Plants are used to treat a number of health concerns and conditions.
Allergies, arthritis, migraines, fatigue, skin infections, wounds, burns, gastrointestinal
issues and even cancer — proving that it’s true that food is medicine!

Herbs are less expensive and they’re a safer means of treatment than conventional
medications, which is why so many people are choosing to go back to this traditional
idea of healing!

Using healing herbs, we can thrive!

For all your healing, ritual, magical, metaphysical, spells and needs, we offer all natural
organic and wild crafted herbs....