Grandmother Moon energy is something we all experience bi-monthly as her ocean
tides rise and fall, the Earth tides (body tides) create a displacement of the Earth.
This is caused by the gravity of the Moon and the Sun.
Moon H2o is water that has been charged with the energies of the moon!

While Moon H2o is charged with lunar energies, it is also charged with the energies of the
zodiac sign the moon is passing through at the time & enhances benefits!

Use Moon H2o blessing & vibrational gem hydrosol blends to raise the vibrational energy
& eliminate negativity from you and your space!

The air all around us contains water particles and carries vibrations.

When we breathe in, we also bring in the vibrational patterns that it carries.

This means that you can also improve your health & life by positively charging
your environment!
For a spiritual & energetic cleanse, Moon H2o is a great addition to your shrine, altar
spaces & for use in your spellwork!

Moon H2o blends smell amazing and make great, natural perfume & air freshener!

Along with the essential oils, our Moon H2o blends contain charged crystals & gemstones  
inside every bottle!
These crystals are energetically cleansed and ready to be programmed with your intentions.

Hold the bottle in your hands and let your intentions & desires be known!

Use Moon H2o blessing & vibrational gem blends as an energetic filler after
smudging and ceremonies.

Use after burning anything that clears energy from your space, adding something with
positive vibration back into the newly cleared & opened space!

Add a few sprays into a room to promote energetic balance!

As a linen spray to lift the energy & provide protection.

Raise the vibration of any space by spraying it in any room!       

As a floor wash!!
Spiritual floor washes have been used for a long time to cleanse, purify and bless our
space and to bring in good luck and positive vibes & remove negative energy!