When your body knows you are taking care of it, your
inner healer awakens and begins to heal from within!

Raise your vibration with our gem infused, essential oil blend hydrosols.
Enhances your state of wellbeing and helps in the process of raising
your consciousness during meditation, pilates & yoga.
Use with intention and manifesting, to lift your vibration or to elevate
your mood after any time around negative people and places.

Infused with gemstones, a blend of essential oils & charged Moon water!

Positively charge your crystals, people & rid yourself (or others!) of bad
juju with Moon H2o Gem Infused Hydrosols.

The air all around us contains water particles and carries vibrations, use
Moon H2o to raise those vibrations!

This also means that you can also improve your health & life by
positively charging your environment!

For a spiritual & energetic cleanse, Moon H2o is a great addition to your
shrine, altar spaces & for use during spellwork!

Moon H2o smells amazing and makes a great, natural perfume!

We energetically infuse our products with beneficial Energy Medicine,
Reiki Energy, Sound Therapy and Positive Intentions to bring you health,
happiness, love, light and energetic protection!