Holy Fire Reiki® is an energy that is empowering the traditional Usui Reiki®

Working with this new refined frequency, "Holy Fire", only enhances Usui, Karuna Reiki, & other
training we have studied.
There are many meanings & our own interpretations of words, this influences our life experiences.

Holy Fire Reiki has no religious connotations to it — there is no dogma.

The word holy has the root meaning,
“to be whole and complete.”

Holy Fire is a spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowering
and guidance.

It is both powerful and gentle.
One of the most beautiful things about the Holy Fire energy is the feeling of love and being loved.
The individual experiences nurturing on a very deep and personal level.

Holy Fire is cleansing, releasing, healing, empowering, guiding and transforming.  
The Holy Fire energy elevates each of us to recognize our Divinity and rightful place in the

Holy Fire is a game-changer, for all who allow its powerful, yet loving and gentle energy, to
assist in meeting the challenges of the New Consciousness!

Holy Fire Reiki Healing Session

Benefits of Holy Fire Reiki may include:
Reduces Stress & promotes deep relaxation
Promotes a sense of Peace & Balance
Releases Emotional Blockages
Reduces Pain
Stimulates Immune System
Shortens Recovery Time
Reduce the intensity of chemotherapy side-effects
Promotes Healing on a Physical, Emotional & Spiritual level
Works well as a Complementary therapy to Mainstream Western Medicine
Increases Intuitive & Psychic Awareness
Enhances Spiritual Growth & Inner Strength

A Holy Fire Reiki session lasts forty-five minutes to an hour.
At the beginning of our session, we take time to talk about your personal needs and expectations & answer
any questions you might have.
An in person session is usually done with you lying on a massage table.
You are always fully clothed, except for your shoes.

We use a series of light touch hand placements on or slightly above the body which brings the Holy Fire
Reiki energy into your body.
Some things to expect on a physical level during a session are usually a deep relaxation, decrease in stress &
an overall sense of well-being.
Some feeling heat, or a pulsating or tingling feeling as the Holy Fire Reiki healing energy radiates from our
hands & begins to effect positive change & balance throughout the body. Holy Fire Reiki may enhance the
body’s ability to heal and relieve pain.
After a session most people feel an increase in their energy level.
Others feel a little light headed.

You may also have a sense of connecting to your higher self or spiritual self.
Upon the release of emotional blocks, you may receive new insights and awareness about issues in your
life. At times emotions may surface during a session. This is perfectly normal.
It is very important to drink a lot of water after receiving a Holy Fire Reiki session.
This helps flush toxins out of the body and assist with your healing.
The benefits of a session can last for a week to ten days or longer.

We do more than Reiki healing during my sessions, we use all the Reiki symbols for which we have been
attuned during our session.
We also have the help of many Reiki Masters, guides & healers who use our hands to help heal the energy
systems in the body.

It is their mission to help you uncover your divine self through a healthy energy system.

When we do Reiki, we are connected with spirit and receive information about your body, chakras, blocks
& other important information for your healing.

Many times during sessions, loved ones on the other side, guides and angels also come in to help or give
information to you.

~Reiki Blessings!